Monday, October 18, 2010

Jim and Catie Wed

This weekend, Dan and I went to San Francisco for Jim and Catie's wedding. Dan went to high school with Jim, and we stayed with another fellow Visalia mate, Brad and his lovely wife, Holly. It was a whirlwind 48-hour trip, with little time for sightseeing, though luckily, their apartment had sweet views of Alcatraz.

View from their living room window!

Some things we did get to do this weekend: We walked around Brad and Holly's fun and lively neighborhood of Pacific Heights that had tons of cute restaurants, bars and shops. Dan and I popped into American Cupcake where we had a cotton candy cupcake (disappointingly, it did not taste as good as it sounded). We met up with my friend Megan and her boyfriend Ralph at a wine bar on Polk Street for a few drinks. Dan and Brad went on a run, and Dan tested his endurance on SF's famous hills. I spent most of the weekend wrapped up in conversation with Holly. If she and I lived in the same city, we'd be best friends. We just have a great connection. So she's trying to make us move to SF. We're not entirely sold, but Dan said that he was more fond of the city this time around compared to our last visit. (Though I think the nice weather had something to do with it!)

And then of course, there was the wedding:

Dan and his bow tie preparations.

Jim and Catie had a beautiful ceremony at St Catherine's Church located in Hillsborough, just outside of San Francisco. Here's Dan and our hosts Brad and Holly outside the church.

Mr and Mrs James Hurley!

The priest was Irish, the bag piper wore a kilt and boy, did that baby really know how to party. He was up all night, in good spirits!

The couple was whisked away in a street car.

The reception took place at the Burlingame Country Club which looked like a scene straight out of Wedding Crashers.

We enjoyed fresh potato chips in a Catie and Jim-branded pouch.

Hanging out with Valerie and Ryan during cocktail hour.

The signature drink.

Dan, Brad and Jim.

V-towners unite!


Jacey said...

Funny that you went to American Cupcake. My friend owns the building that store is in and her house is the condo on top. When people ask her how she lives that close to a cupcake shop, she says it's fine because they're not that good. I guess you agree!

Heather said...

Gorgeous! For a minute I thought Ham was a wedding blog. Looks like this bride has some great taste.

Happy you had an amazing time.