Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween in the Park

I have been sick with a cold all week and have been working a lot, so this weekend arrived with a big sigh of relief. Even though it was Halloween weekend, I needed the rest and relaxation, so we skipped the parties and the costumes and instead snuggled under the covers and watched the 80's vampire hit, The Lost Boys (it was good!)

On Sunday, I woke up finally feeling like myself, so I decided to go on a walk in Central Park. It was just what I needed: the fresh air, the nature, the festive tourists, and oh, it was Halloween!

Tourists at Bethesda Terrace.

Pooh and Mickey

Alice in Wonderland posse

Angel and the devil.

Usually, New York City's fall foliage isn't spectacular, as the colors are rather dull and there is the chance if you are not observant (or don't visit a park) you might miss the whole thing. Most of the trees in the Park were pretty average, except for this one tree that just glowed.

People couldn't help but flock to this beautiful tree, and boy, was it a stunner. (BTW: none of these pictures are color-corrected. This is legit Mother Nature at its best, people!)

Everyone was taking pictures, not just me!

In all of my years living in NYC, we have never had a trick-or-treater visit us. Through the years, I have seen many kids visit in costume walk into pizza shops and bodegas, asking for candy, which I always thought was a little strange. On my way home from the park, I found a bunch of kids trick-or-treating for real. The beautiful brownstones in the neighborhood were decorated with cobwebs, lights and skeletons, and there was a mob scene of children on the sidewalk, decked out in costume, getting some candy the old-fashioned way.

I thought this girl had the sweetest face.

Who's that scary person in the window?

Help! Out of these options, what do you think should be my picture of the day for my 365 project? I can't decide. What do you think best represents my Halloween?

UPDATE: I went with the scary person in the window. I actually liked the picture of the little girl better, but her dad standing behind her with the camera ruined the pic for me.


Peter said...

I love the leaves but I for the Halloween spirit, I like the last one of the scary person in the door.

Ara said...

I was gonna say the say thing as Peter, only I like the sweet faced girl with the alien pic.

Squeen said...

The prisoner taking a photo of the foliage.

Susan said...

I'm with Squeen -- but I had my opinion before I read his!

Heather said...

Hi! Just posted something very similar about good old fashioned trick-or-treaters.

Sorry you have been sick, but glad you got some rest and are back up and at em.

um, I love the sweet faced girl. She drew me in.