Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Age 32: My First Day

This is what 32 looks like.

For my 32nd birthday, the grand-finale of our "European vacation," Dan and I went to Belgium. Or rather, we went to B. Cafe. I had passed by this restaurant many times on my way to Central Park but had never been, and it's a small, romantic spot right in our neighborhood, perfect for a happy birthday meal.

We shared a salad filled with greens, juicy tomatoes, beets and goat cheese to start and then both of us ordered huge bowls of steaming hot mussels. They came with french fries and a wonderful condiment assortment of ketchup, mayonnaise and the orange stuff. The food was hearty and warm, and I probably ate a loaf of French bread in an hour.

Dan didn't want to split a dessert as we usually do, so we ordered two: the chocolate molten cake and a Belgian waffle topped with powdered sugar, chocolate, ice cream and whipped cream. Without my knowing, though it was suspicious because he dashed to the bathroom right after we ordered, Dan told the waiter it was my birthday.

"Do you want the music?" she asked.


I saw the waiter coming with my dessert with the lit candle, which I sort of expected. But what was completely out of the blue was the cheesy birthday music they played over the loudspeaker, which made the entire restaurant come to a complete standstill for what seemed like ages. Finally, when the song neared its end, eternities later, I made a wish (it's a secret!) and blew out my candle.

It was a lovely birthday meal, a great end to our European vacation, and I am so grateful to have such a loving and thoughtful husband like Dan who planned all of this for me.

As I was getting ready for bed, I felt a wave of nausea, but I figured it was nothing since I never get sick. But then, for the next hour, I proceeded to puke out my entire dinner! Dan and I had talked about going on a diet on October 6th to make up for all of our eating in the past few weeks, but binge and purge was not what I had in mind.

I guess you can say my birthday was memorable.

Pre-vomit: Dan and I practicing our "character heads."

Note for mom: I feel all better today.

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