Sunday, November 1, 2009

Party on!

Just like last year, Dan and I celebrated Halloween night at a big bash at the Waverly apartment.

Dan and I rocked our Wayne's World costumes. Dan only likes costumes that allow him to wear his glasses. Party on, Wayne. Party on, Garth!

The real star of the evening was Justin as Beyonce with Kayleen and Kim as his back-up "single ladies" dancers.

They did many renditions of the "Single Ladies" dance throughout the night. Here's them dancing at the party... the party at the apartment next door...

...even on the street (with another Beyonce jumping in).

Jason and his girlfriend Suzie dressed up as a stick figures from the web comic xkcd.

Matthew and Ernest were a Nascar driver and a pit crew guy.

Nien dressed as Teen Wolf.

Tom, the host of the evening, lit up the room as a giant glow stick man with crazy green eyes.

The most clever costume went to Clayton as the famous painting by Magritte.

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Susan said...

You two were real cuties! As for Beyonce, not so much. Loved Clayton's take.