Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You say it's your birthday

Monday was Dan's 30th birthday and yes, ever since Beatles Rock Band has entered our lives, everything has a Beatles connotation.

Since I am an incredibly thoughtful girlfriend, I suggested months ago that we should spend Dan's 3-0 in Cooperstown, NY, to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. Understand that this trip would involve me--not a sports fan--spending an entire day in a boring museum with Dan who would probably not let me leave his side for a moment because he'd be so inspired to tell me every minutiae detail about baseball history. Like I said, I am an incredibly thoughtful girlfriend.

The plan was good to go but then a few weeks ago Dan was invited to spend the same weekend at Adam's Bachelor Party and then he learned the exciting news that Brett from Switzerland was coming, and so birthday weekends and baseball dreams were swept aside for boys, just like that. I can't say I was terribly upset. (Thank you, Adam, for getting married!) I told Dan that offers like these only come every ten years so perhaps we'll go to the Hall of Fame when he turns 40. This comment was not well received.

(To help me out, I suggest one of Dan's fantasy baseball playmates/Ham readers come out to visit us and take Dan to the Hall of Fame. You know who I am talking about.)

So no big birthday extravaganza this weekend, but on his actual birthday day, Dan took the day off from work to spend the day with Brett and me. He gave us a list of things he wanted to do with us:

1. Go out for brunch
2. Beatles Rock Band marathon
3. See a movie (we saw the Informant)
4. Dinner with Nell and Adam for Ethiopian food
5. Eat a donut

This lucky guy gets everything he wants.

Our crew outside of Awash, the restaurant.

Dan checks out our spread. No, that's not all for you, Dan.

Friends. Together again.

Dunkin' Donut "cake." (photo by Brett)

Happy Birthday, love! I can't wait to spend the next 30 years with you...and hopefully 30 more on top of that.

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Squeen said...

Best 30th birthday EVER! Let's do it again next week!