Sunday, September 27, 2009

The little prince

On a rainy Sunday, I went to New Canaan,Connecticut, for my friend Heather's shower. She is having a baby boy in November. The baby's name will be William Drake Prince (after his father), but he's going to be called Drake. Or judging from all the crown and castle related baby gifts, the little prince. Or maybe the Fresh Prince of Brooklyn.

Here's Heather and me....doesn't she look amazing? Every time I see her I tell her that I hope to look like her when I am pregnant. She looks better than me, not-pregnant! She's even wearing high heels!

The shower took place at Heather's BF Malissa's gorgeous home. Her house is the type of place where you walk inside and the first thing you see is foyer with a big round table with a beautiful large arrangement of flowers. Yeah, it looks like the type of place that belongs in a magazine. I loved it. I was especially taken by her kitchen which is basically the size of my apartment.

This picture doesn't really do it justice. The appliances were sick. And all that counter space! What a fantasy! I was drooling.

Not only that, but the house had killer outdoor space and two dogs! My kind of heaven.

Malissa was the perfect host. First, she had us draw pictures on onesies which were later hung on a laundry line and used for decoration. I drew different fruits on mine and wrote "Fruity Guy." We ate delicious mini-food. I had about a hundred brownie bites, rice krispie treats and cupcakes. And there were games because there are always games at these sorts of occasions.

Heather got to wear a crown and open a ton of presents until she was completely surrounded by cardboard boxes.

The best present was someone who created a laundry line of baby clothes (similar to the decor), which Heather pulled from a basket. There were so many items, the line stretched all the way across the room. The little girls were delighted! Drake is going to be one well-dressed little man.

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Willytheprince said...

thanks for coming up to CT! I wish I could have cloned myself to spend more time with everyone.

You are so sweet and I"m so happy Drake will have so many awesome aunties!