Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"New" Music

I have zero grasp about what is happening in the world of music right now. I rely on Dan to supply the soundtrack of our lives. We all know that his tastes run old, and I am content to listen to the same classic rock albums over and over again.

But I saw this band The Airborne Toxic Event on a rare night of watching David Letterman and just fell in love with their sound. I got their CD (probably the first "new band" CD I bought in a year) and every time I listen to it, which is a lot lately, it makes me feel happy and inspired.

According to Wikipedia, in December 2008, iTunes named the band's song "Sometime Around Midnight" the number one alternative song of 2008. So it's possible everyone already knows about them already (I seriously have no idea) but if you don't, check them out.


Brian said...

Any song that came out in 2008 that is not "All the Single Ladies" is probably too new for me to know about it. So, thank you.

Jacey said...

good song! i hadn't heard of them because i'm not that cool in the music sense either. i would try to "introduce" it to dan and pretend i discovered it, but since he's a ham reader, too, i guess i'll just give you the due credit.

Brett said...


Yvonne said...

Yes, Brett, I do like a cd once in a while. It's true. I feel like it's a better way to experience the entire album, as the artist intended. I do download a lot of music but I find downloading an entire album problematic sometimes because then the songs are not cohesive and you end up listening to them randomly, as they come up on your ipod, and it's just not the same.