Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pizza Party

Morning after one of the best parties I have ever been to. And you know I don't like parties.

Dan and I were invited to the Kingdom of Gravy wrap party--our friend Adam has finished filming his movie and wanted to celebrate with the cast and crew and his biggest fans (that would be us). The party was very cool because in addition to the very friendly cast of characters we met (yes, pun intended), Adam and Nell hired their chef friend to make homemade pizzas all evening. And I am not talking about just regular cheese and sauce pizzas. We sampled mouth-watering pizzas that had toppings such as eggs and bacon to goat cheese and pear. Did you ever think that lemon zest would taste good on a pizza? Believe me, my friend. It tastes spectacular. All of the creations were so good. It was so fun to sample these gourmet delights through out the evening and I would say by the end of the night, I had eaten about an entire pie, but I was more than okay with that.

Oh, and in the background we were watching the Olympics where we JUST missed swimmer Michael Phelps win his seventh gold metal in the men's 100m buterfly. However, we did see the instant replay. One tenth of a second win? Holy crap! It made for an exciting evening.

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Squeen said...

One one-hundredth!