Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Late Again.

One thing about me that might be surprising to others is that I am often late to work.

In my normal life, I am beyond prompt. I am the type of person who goes to the airport two hours early, who leaves for the movies an hour early, who meets a friend 5 minutes early. In Europe, I hung out in many a train station because I arrived way too early. It usually causes me much stress and anxiety if I am running late or keeping someone waiting.

But then back in high school, when I first got a license and could drive to school, I would always find myself running late getting ready in the morning. My grandma would bail me out with "Sorry Yvonne is late today" letters that I would draft myself and she would sign. The attendance woman at school was my brother in law's aunt and the nicest woman, so it all worked in my favor when I came in 15 minutes late every so often.

College, I was always on time to class and I hardly skipped. And my first few years in the working world, I came in early and stayed late trying to make a good impression to my bosses.

But then something happened. I started working out in the morning and walking to work and while most of the time I came in 9:02, many a time, it was more like 9:09 or (gulp) 9:18. I never got in trouble for it because I got my work done, but then other people would get called out for being late. Seriously.

That was my old job. Now that I am freelancing, I have to be more professional but I admit I have gotten a little lazy because the horrible 6 train (which makes my commute either 15 minutes or 45 minutes--one can never tell) and we have summer hours where we have to come in at 8:30 which means I should be waking up at 5:15 am to go to the gym, but I actually only get up at 5:30 am because I can't handle 5:15. Yeah, ONLY five thirty. Do you feel my pain?

Yesterday my commute took forever (I left late and no trains came for hours, and the ones that eventually came were packed like sardines.) I tiptoed to my desk at 9. Yowsers! I don't even have have a phone to tell these people I am running late either. I didn't get into trouble even though I totally deserved it because this has been becoming a more common occurrence lately but I had massive guilt so I was in work today at 8:22 (while still managing to ONLY wake up at 5:30).

And it's quite possible that today's the longest work day that ever existed. I looked at the clock expecting it to be 11 and it was 9:01. So this is how it feels to come into work on time. It's horrible.

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Willytheprince said...

Yeah it sucks even worse when you come in early. Why do I do that? Maybe I should start working out in the morn