Sunday, June 22, 2008

Highlights of a Kunka Wedding

Before we leave New York City.
Going to the airport on Friday morning, having the cab driver ask us, "What airline are you taking and having Dan answer, "" It ended up being Delta, but we only found that out after we looked on my computer and realized we were in the wrong terminal (there are two Delta terminals at Laguardia).

I nearly KILLED him. But I do love him.

The Rehearsal Dinner.

Kunka, the groom, nailed the powerpoint presentation.

Jacey, the bride, wore a traditional Polish robe with plastic dolls attached to ensure fertility. Mom? Is this for real?

Dan made this expression for 30 minutes straight while speaking with this gentleman.

Dan's friends, making fun of his upturned collar fashion sense.

Dan and me, dodging questions on when are we getting married/moving back to CA?

The Wedding Day.
Before the wedding, while the groomsmen played games and watched baseball, Matt and I went for an amazing prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich in Chicago's Little Italy. No pictures taken, but the meal, the conversation and company were a highlight.

Some of the smaller members of the wedding party.

The new Mr. & Mrs! (And yes, that is Kunka wearing his wedding band on his pinkie. A golf injury a few weeks ago made the ring finger swollen; the ring unwearable.)

See me with the women of Los Angeles. See me not wearing white. That's right. Decision was made. I was happy with it.

The reception took place at the Italian American Sports Hall of Fame. Dan was into it.

It had a nice view of Chicago. Looks can be deceiving, but no, I am not pregnant in this picture. It was very windy which made my dress balloon with air, and I ate 6 cupcakes the day before remember? Just look at the view, okay??

Let the party begin!

The crossword in the children's activity book had one important word: Squeen.

Dan & Dan.

Dan ended the night eating this at the after-party. If you think it looks bad there, imagine how it tasted. He ate the whole thing. I do love him for that.

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Annette said...

Love your dress! When can I have it?!