Thursday, June 12, 2008

30 Days of Unreachability?

So I told you all that my phone was breaking. I don't know what happened, but one day one of the hinges was missing that attaches the phone together, but for weeks I was still able to talk into it, even when it got worse and I had to hold the two sides of the phone with both hands so it wouldn't flop open all together.

Yesterday I went to charge the phone and the screen went completely black and there was no reviving it. Crap.

Like most New Yorkers, I use my cell phone as my regular phone so I don't have a house phone. Besides email and my semi-permanent work phone, my cell phone is the way people can get in touch with me. I admit that I am not a huge phone talker (90% of the time I don't even hear my phone ringing and don't pick up and I can be horrible at calling people back) but there is something weird about suddenly have this void in my life.

Okay, so I should just get a new phone right? Problem is: I want to get the brand-new iPhone and it doesn't come out until July 11. This whole time, I was hoping to deal with the broken phone for a month but now it seems that the broken phone is now the dead phone. Totally different story.

Can I go one month without a cell phone? A month where I will be going to Chicago. A month where Gerda and her family from Belgium are visiting us in New York. A month where I might need to find new freelance work (though this might not be true.)

As my friend Heather at work says, "They did it in the 90s."

Dan, who has a blackberry through work, let me borrow his phone today just in case I had to call someone. Too bad I don't know anyone's number.

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Annette said...

Wow! Dan let you borrow his blackberry?!? I know how important that is to him! It must be love!