Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dan's 33rd Birthday

So it is that time of year again in the Team Squeen household...birthday season

Dan woke up to some fresh and tasty old-fashioned donuts at his bedside. In case that wasn't enough birthday sweets, I made him some brownies to take with him to work. In the UK, you are supposed to bring in treats to the office when it's your birthday. Dan insisted his be of the homemade variety. His coworkers said he was lucky to have such a nice wife :) 

Dan spent his birthday at a baseball game with some friends on Friday night which he said was loads of fun. On Saturday, I cooked him up a lasagna dinner and gave him his present: a gift certificate for bass lessons. In the next few weeks, I am expecting a little less air guitar and a little more real guitar in this house.

The Dan celebration continues next week. Yeah, this guy is also getting a birthday party. He is awfully lucky, isn't he?

(Oh yes! Everyday Ham looks different! I am playing around with a new look and feel. I expect I will be switching it up a bit until I find a design I like. Don't mind me.)

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