Sunday, September 30, 2012

Baseball Danny

Keeping with last year's birthday baseball vacation, we celebrated Dan's birthday this year with a baseball themed birthday party! Dan rented a baseball field for the evening, and our (male) friends suited up to hit some balls, catch some balls, throw some balls, run after know, all the things you do with baseballs if you aren't playing an actual game. It was a beautiful evening, and it felt so cool to be under the lights. We had pizza, baseball decorated cupcakes and a little cheering squad rooting them on. Here are some pictures of the night!

Some classic baseball card poses for you. Collect all four:

More, some pictures of craft services (that would be me) and our cheering squad. (I think little CJ has a future in the pros).

What baseball night doesn't end with a few races? Oh wait, none. But when it's your birthday, and you love a good 50-yard dash, that is what ends up happening.

Happy Birthday, Dan! It was a good one!

See all pictures from the night here!


Peter said...

Happy Birthday Danny! It looks like you had a blast. Btw, who ended up winning the 50-yard dash?

Yvonne said...

There were two races. I think Julien might have won both? Dan not so far behind.