Friday, March 25, 2011

Think Pink

The other day, I dropped my iPhone, and the glass shattered into a horrible cracked cobweb. I was so annoyed, especially because the incident happened in the gym locker room after a physically intense yet mentally calming yoga class. So much for holding onto that inner bliss.

Yesterday, I walked from work to the Fifth Avenue Apple store to get a new phone. For picture taking purposes, I do like it when my day takes me to an unexpected neighborhood so I have something new to look at (there are so many ways I can photograph my commute and First Avenue). The first few pictures I took all had some kind of pink element so I decided to only take pictures of pink things. Not an easy color to find on a brisk cold day unless you are female and under age four. (Where's my mom and her fuchsia lip stick and nail polish when you need her?) I had to get inventive.

These pictures aren't mind-blowing, but it was a fun experiment, and I wanted to share my dorky way of making myself feel better for dropping $200 on a new phone I shouldn't have needed yet. Grr. (It might of also inspired me to purchase this iPhone case that has black and white polka dots and hot pink sides!)

No, your eyes did not deceive you. That was a Barbie foosball table and it can all yours for a mere $24,999 at FAO Schwarz. There are worse ways to spend your money than an iPhone.


Susan said...

Great photos, Yvonne! I loved the way the pink popped in each shot! It's hard to pick a favorite, but I liked the dresses in the window along with two women in knitted caps, headed opposite directions, one in blue and one in pink.

Peter said...

I like the cell phone pic. I wonder how they would look if you made them black and white with only the pink?