Monday, September 27, 2010

Pie glorious pie

Even though it only opened in April, I feel like I have been wanting to go to Four & Twenty Blackbirds, a Brooklyn pie shop since forever. I am not even a big pie person (though I am coming around). I like the clever name, and there is something intriguing about a pie shop based on a seasonal menu. I first heard about it in one of the blogs I read (maybe it was also New York magazine(?), and then this month, I saw that the shop was featured in both Martha Stewart Living and Bon Appetit. Meaning: these people must have the best PR agency in town or they are extremely well-connected or these pies are just that good.

I visited Heather and Drake on Friday and being that they love adventure and they love to walk (well, Heather, anyway. Drake is too busy crawling all over the place), we decided to take the stroller and walk from Brooklyn Heights to the "destination-worthy shop in the up-and-coming Gowanus neighborhood," according to Bon Appetit.

"It's only two miles!" Heather said. She had to look it up on a map because we both had no idea where Gowanus is. It was a beautiful, sticky hot Indian summer day, so it seemed like the perfect day for a long walk.

We only walked on one street in Gowanus (and it is possible there is a whole Gowanus world out there that I am ignorant of), so after that experience, I am curious about Bon Appetit's criteria of an "up-and-coming" neighborhood.

Is it the warehouses?

The lovely car wash?

The boarded up buildings?

"Guys what are we doing here?"

I guess in order to be an up-and-coming neighborhood, you just have to have a neat pie shop. Inside this building was a warp zone of cool people who perhaps were a bit miffed at our baby and Bugaboo stroller invading their whole hipster turf.

We tried the salted caramel apple pie, which was a really good apple pie but disappointingly, not very caramel-ey or salty as one would hope with such a name. The fruit melted in your mouth and the crust was fresh and fantastic.

Heather suggested we try the Buttermilk Chess, which I preferred over the apple pie. It had a unique sweet and tangy flavor. I think this just might be one of the next types of pies I make. It was that inspiring.

We headed back to Brooklyn Heights where Heather showed me the most beautiful, can't-believe-people-actually-live here brownstones with enormous backyards.

We walked to the recently opened Brooklyn Bridge Park that Drake seemed to like a lot more than the pie shop.

The light was so pretty that Drake me take a few pictures of him, while he discovered that he can twist his tongue.

Kisses and tongue twisting!

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Heather said...

this is so funny. I usually refuse to read blog posts until I've written mine because it's hard to come up with my own feelings. But, I read your's first and it's hilarious. All but that double chin photo of me. Can you say DIET - yes, sadly one that doesn't include pie.