Sunday, September 12, 2010

Easy Breezy but Busy Weekend

This weekend, Dan and I watched three movies at home: Being There (loved), Bruno (eh) and Crooklyn (enjoyable)--thanks to streaming Netflix. I also started catching up on the new season of Mad Men (never disappoints)

I did the Fitness Magazine 4-mile race and ran a PR (which, if you are not a runner, means my personal best time at that mileage). I have "sort of" been training for it the last two months and I ran it in 37:04 which knocked THREE WHOLE MINUTES off my old best time which was set in 2003. That means I am still a slow runner. But a faster slow runner. I am proud of myself.

Flaunting my guns.

Gap was having a sale so I bought a few pairs of jeans which were badly needed because the two pairs of jeans I own are still majorly baggy after I lost weight for the wedding. I must say that it felt good that my jeans are still loose three months later, so I didn't mind making the new purchases. I also didn't feel an ounce of guilt walking into City Bakery for a mid-shopping snack because they have one of the best chocolate chip cookies in town.


I listened to Dan talk about fantasy baseball this weekend more than was necessary. However, the end is near and so let the man speak if he wants to.

I did some work.

Inspired by Deb at SmittenKitchen, I plunked down 6 bucks for a basket of concord grapes at the Union Square Farmer's Market. She mentioned in her blog that she had never tasted them before last week and it was life-changing. When I saw them at the market, I realized that I never had them before either and was curious. She's right. They are wonderful....they taste like grape bubble gum you can swallow. They have a billion seeds in them, but it doesn't matter. It's worth the work. I considered making her grape focaccia recipe but I realized it would take a very looooong time, so I decided to make some plum cake instead. I was looking for something without too much sugar that would be delicious with my mid-morning cup of tea. It's not amazing, but it hits the spot. Here is my SmittenKitchen inspired photo shoot:

Dan trying to get in on the fun.

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Susan said...

Plum cake looks great! Congrats on your PR. A faster slow runner is better than no runner at all, right?