Monday, September 27, 2010

Dan Day of Fun

For Dan's 31st birthday, I planned an entire Saturday full of surprises.

We had donuts for breakfast...

A Skype chat with Brett Jackson (who woke up at 7:30am Pacific Time to make the call...thanks BJ)...

Lunch at Japanese fast food restaurant Go! Go! Curry! which is also a shrine to former Yankee (and my favorite baseball player) Hideki Matsui...

Tickets to see Broadway's "musical of the season:" Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

A kayaking tour on the Hudson River...(yes, I told Dan to pack a change of clothes!)

The Birthday Boy and me.

Birthday present shopping at where else....a record store. Dan selected Rotary Connection's Christmas album.

We met up with Kayleen, Julien, Jason, Justin, Kim and Nien at The Magician for a drink and some jukebox plays, and then had a late dinner (and birthday cake!) at Supper.

The end of the night.

Oh yes, there were personalized Dan birthday hats.

Collect all four.

The verdict: I think Dan enjoyed his day of fun but I learned something about him. My man doesn't like surprises. He spent most of the day trying to figure out what we were doing and getting stressed out about it. I think his favorite part of the day was dinner at the end because I told him it was the last surprise and then he could finally relax!


Heather said...

Happy Happy B-Day Dan. I love your day of surprises. Especially the Kayak. How did you protect your camera Y?

Love the collector's hats.

Kunka said...

I need the school picture hat of dan. that's classic!

Yvonne said...

Heather - I didn't take the camera on the kayak. They had lockers.

Kunka - Here's the deal. Come visit us in NYC and you have have a Dan birthday hat.

Ara said...

Don't give Kunka anything. Also I had no idea who Justin was until I saw Rhondo's pic.

Susan said...

Yvonne, you did a great job of surprising your hubby! He should trust that your surprises would be good ones!!