Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Second Line

One of the best things about living in New York City is that you really do have everything at your fingertips. Sure, we may not live anywhere near New Orleans, but that won't stop us from joining in on a Second Line! That's right. On Sunday evening, Dan and I followed the Souls Rebels Brass Band in a bone fide New Orleans-style Second Line from W 58th St all the way to Lincoln Center....for FREE. It was pretty bad ass!

Of course, I wanted to photograph the whole thing which really utilized my beginner skills to the max. First of all, there were people everywhere so getting a nice and clean picture was nearly impossible. Second, I probably should have brought my zoom lens instead of the 50mm. I have gotten so used to the lightweight 50 that it's hard to part with, but in this case, I really needed more range. I know better for next time. Third, I couldn't decide whether I wanted to take pictures or be a part of the party. I saw a bunch of photographers running ahead to stand on top of stoops for awesome overhead vantage points. I knew their pictures would probably be better than mine, but I didn't want to stop dancing!

The New Orleans Indian getting ready.

She didn't crack a smile the entire time.

Parading down the street

All smiles.

The tuba player.

The Pirate.

Making a stop near the deli.

Hanky wavin'

View from above at Lincoln Center

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