Monday, August 9, 2010

Jersey Shore

Heather guessed right, the best day of the year is the one day when Dan takes me to the beach. (Orchard Beach didn't count). Usually we head to Long Beach because it's an easy train ride from Manhattan, but this year, Dan suggested we head down to the Jersey Shore which is a lot more effort because we have to take the train to my mom's and then drive a few hours. I was thrilled by his idea. The Jersey shore is so more my style, after all, I am still a Jersey girl at heart! Plus we got not one, but TWO barbecues at Mom's house on top of a day at the beach.

There are so many beautiful beaches in New Jersey (they are not all like Sleaze-Side--although that can also be fun in its own way). We opted to go to Ocean Grove, a tiny religious/lesbian/dry beach town (we don't get it either, but we love it) with Victorian houses, a wooden boardwalk, sandy beaches, two cupcake stores and some of the best and cheap ice cream.

We were surprised to see all these people there considering the last time we went there three years ago, the beach looked something like this.

We got a late start to the day because our car battery died before the trip started, and so it was nearly 1 'o clock when we got there. I spent most of the day reading and napping and I kind of forgot to go into the water. Dan went a few times. I did go on a walk and take some pictures.

Ah, the waves!

Ah, the waves again!

I kind of stalked the life guard stand.

There he blows!

And then I swear, this 18-year-old life guard started hitting on me and made me take all these pictures of his tattoos. This doesn't happen to me very often anymore. See what happens when you don't wear your ring to the beach?

Up in the air. (with a 1980's tint)

Main Street, Ocean Grove

Home too soon: Dan navigates the Garden State Parkway.

I am thankful for my one beach day but could you imagine if Dan suggested we spend a week by the beach? I would die with happiness! And he would die with boredom!

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