Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This one's for Erin.

I don't usually like to write about work because really, work is pretty boring and so why would I want to write about it and then subject you all to reading about it.

However, I recently started a new assignment last week, and I got the job with a little help from my friends. I am working with three ex-magazine staffers from my old job, and it's a happy reunion.

That's me on my first day on the job with my old work chums Jen, Erin and Alyssa.

The working conditions here are not so bad. I'm reporting to Erin who on my fourth day, gave me a gigantic chocolate chip cookie just because. Erin says that she likes when I write about work in the blog because then she knows who I am talking about. Don't expect it to be a habit. Just like cookies at work shouldn't be a habit (I used to have that one BAD). So this one's for Erin.


Willytheprince said...

ohhhh, my old haunts. I can't believe that's Alyssa--blonde Alyssa? I wouldn't have guessed.

Does that beautiful drab cube fabric look familiar?

Yvonne said...

That bare foot on cube wall cracks me up.

Stefanie said...

you girls are just at the wrong magazine! so good to see you all together again....warms my heart! s.