Thursday, September 4, 2008

Let the sunshine in!

Me with the rest of the crazies.

I am not good at being unemployed.

I was fine last week, but this week, I have grown incredibly bored and restless and unmotivated. You would think that with all the free time that I have got, I would do something productive with myself, but I find it hard to conjure up the energy to do anything--which is why we have no food in the fridge and I find myself taking naps when I should be going to the gym or writing.

On the calendar, the evenings of the last two weeks should have been crammed with social outings but given the Labor Day holiday or something in the air, nearly everyone bailed on me, which only intensified my cabin fever. And job hunting is the ultimate energy drain because it feels like nothing is happening.

Yesterday, I decided that since I had all the time in the world, I was going to wait in line for free tickets to see Hair in Central Park. I always thought the people who waited in these lines for free tickets were crazy, but I had such a great experience at Hamlet earlier this summer so I decided, What the heck? and hauled my ass out of my bed to get to the theater by 8 am. Tickets are given out at 1 pm for the evening's performance.

Rounding the entrance of the theater with my lawn chair and a backpack full of reading material, I came across what I initially thought were homeless people but were actually people waiting in line. The people in the front of the line looked like hippies themselves and they were lying down on the ground, fast asleep, wrapped around in bedding and cushions. They looked like they had been camping out for days. I followed the line, already 100 people deep, to the end where I plopped down and spent the next five hours.

Besides for the obnoxious group of girls talking loudly on one side of me and the woman complaining about the obnoxious girls on the other side of me, it was quite peaceful. I tuned everyone out with my ipod and I sat under the trees and rested and read and napped and looked at the runners thinking I should be running, too. It was not at all different than what I have been doing at home for the last few days--except that this was actually productive. I got the two tickets. (Fun tidbit: Since you could not leave the line except to go to the bathroom, you could have pizza and deli food delivered to your post in line!)

The show was great. Having seen a production before, I knew what to expect (shabby plot, great songs, nudity) and so it was invigorating and inspiring to see all this great young talent on the stage. It was worth the wait. I had a lot of fun. (Though seriously, why is everything cool in New York such a big production? Five hours wait for theater?)

So now it's Thursday. 12 pm and still in my pajamas. I so need a job. And a home-cooked meal. And a shower. And a kick in the butt. And someone to talk to.

UPDATE: I got some work for next week! Phew.


Ara said...

Wow, we somehow have become the same person, I am jobless and lazy and bored at home all day, with my gym membership collecting dust. Well here's a kick in the butt for you, in the morning make believe you are getting up and going to "work" Take a shower, get dressed and go. You will feel a little less "Blah" or go get a job or sell ad space on your blog or win the lotto. Whatever you feel suites you best.

Willytheprince said...

So, I wasn't unemployed, but I did the hair thing on a summer Friday a year ago. Didn't have to encounter the bums but still hideous.

As for the job, where or where?

Ps. 10:42 just getting home. I think Willy the Prince hates me, but I can't be sure because he has been asleep every night.

Willytheprince said...

p.p.s, mine was Hairspray--not Hair.

I was that the terrible TXTS booth.