Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Sometimes I wish I lived in a city that enabled me to be a little more outdoorsy, but somehow Dan and I found our way outside this Labor Day weekend while staying in the city.

On Sunday, Dan and I rented some bikes and rode around Manhattan.

Here I am at the East River.

We basically covered the perimeter of Manhattan from 72nd Street downward, making a pit stop in the West Village for some ice cream and (what else) record store shopping.

We spent the rest of the day lamenting that we wanted bikes and had no place to keep them in our apartment. One day, we will get bikes...and a dog...and a garden...obviously, one day we will not be living in New York City.

On Monday, I was able to convince Dan to walk the 15 minutes to Central Park where we sat on beach chairs and read for a few hours. There was a couple nearby kissing on a blanket, and I said to Dan, "They look like a picture of love." Dan disagreed. "No, we are." He said this even though we were sitting a yard apart, nose in books, barely talking. The couple left, to be replaced by another who also started a major make-out session. They were kind of gross, so Dan moved his chair with so he wouldn't have to look at them, his back facing me. We went home shortly thereafter.


Willytheprince said...

haha. I love PDA!

p.s. I want a pink beach cruiser so bad.

Dan's mom said...

That Dan is sure the romantic...But I do love the USC cap...