Monday, October 22, 2012

Baby Parade

Dude, people in Brooklyn are making all kinds of babies.

First, I headed to Brooklyn Heights for some Polish eggs and kielbasa brekkies AND to meet the newest member of the Prince family. Here we all are!

Pleased to meet you, Grant!

And look who's all grown up!

Next stop: Dan and I trekked to Fort Greene and hung out with Nell, Adam and Theo. I really enjoyed catching up with them around their big kitchen table. Just like old times!

 Matching hair-dos ROCK!

The next day, Meagan and I headed to Julie's sweet new apartment in Park Slope, where I saw Luca!

I was super impressed that this new mom (of six weeks?) made us a home-cooked meal. Lasagna! Like, seriously?

I also had lunch with my former co-worker, Carrie, who I befriended at one of my old freelance jobs. We did not meet in Brooklyn, and she does not have a baby. But I think she likes babies (and baby parades, naturally), so her inclusion makes perfect sense in this post.

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Willy The Prince said...

So fun seeing you! I wish that I got to see you more than once a year, but we make those few hours matter.

Love you girl.