Sunday, October 21, 2012

New York Groove

Three things I wanted to do in New York.

1. Eat my heart out (on the must-have list: cupcakes, bagels, pizza, Peruvian chicken...preferably not all at once).

2. Get around town...I wanted to see it all.

3. See as many people as humanely possible (did the best I could but still missed some peeps - bummer).

I think I did pretty well. Some highlights:

Breakfast with Brian and JP (no photos), who recently moved back to New York from Colorado. I remember an especially important conversation about the lack of delis in the Los Angeles area and how I should probably open up my own New York style brick and mortar deli called (what else) Everyday Ham.

Michele and I had a lovely afternoon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where we embraced our inner hipster with instagram photos and lunch at Smorgasburg, the Brooklyn Flea's food market.

More New Yorker Festival happened: Dan took in events all weekend; I checked out out Sarah Silverman and Portlandia Live.

Yeah, this bagel was the bomb. I had so many bagels, it should last me until I come back.

 I checked out the old neighborhood (see my old apartment building? And is that Bill Cunningham behind me?) Danielle and I had cupcakes at Two Little Red Hens (the Brooklyn blackout is my fave!)

Gotta love an impromptu firework display on the walk to dinner. (Yes, we WALKED and took the train everywhere!)

Also gotta love how terrible everyone looks in this picture. Taken at Grimaldis! Legit pizza!

Loved every minute! Oh, New York, you do not disappoint!

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