Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day Trippers

From London, we took a day-trip to Brussels to visit our favorite Danish family!

Leaving London via the Eurostar. Check out the Olympic rings!

It was so much fun to hang out with Gerda and Morten in their home turf. After all, they had come to visit us in the States on many occasions over the last few years.

We spent the day walking around the town and doing some light sight-seeing. And record-shopping, of course. Dan was pleasantly surprised by the amount of good-quality stores in Brussels.

Finally, a nice vacation picture of us! Thanks, Morten.

I like this one, too.

Dan with the Manneken Pis

Hey, I remember this place!

Tasting some Belgian candies that everyone thought were nasty except for Dan.

Good friends

We had such a nice time, and of course, Gerda and Morten were the most gracious hosts. They wouldn't let us pay for anything, and they kept feeding us delicious food. The highlight had to be dinner at their lovely home, where we feasted on steak, potatoes, strawberry salad, lime pie and chocolates. Oh, so many chocolates. Dan must have eaten enough food for ten people. I think it amused them greatly, which is why they kept feeding us more. We ended the night with some limoncello in memory of their visit to Visalia. Also, it was crazy that it didn't turn dark until 10 at night.

We also got a chance to see Katrine. Yay! Anna is away at school. Boo!

When and where will we see this awesome family again? I vote their beach house in Denmark. That sounds quite nice to me! How about it, Dan? Gerda? Morten? Anna? Katrine? Who's in?

My favorite Belgian chocolates from Passion Chocolat


Anonymous said...

You're on! See you in L√łkken, Denmark.... Just say when! Should you change your mind, we could settle for Italy :-)

Yvonne said...

Italy sounds like a fair compromise!

Ara said...

Greatest town in Europe. Between the pissing boy, the belgian waffles right next to the pissing boy, and the fries, and the beer, and the chocolate. There's no place better to get fat so quick, in style.