Monday, September 26, 2011

Cooperstown: The Non-Baseball Parts

Yvonne with the Great Pumpkin.  Yep, Pumpkinfest 2011: We Were There.

Cooperstown sits on a big lake.  It's real purty.

Back to the pumpkins.  At the big weigh-off on Saturday, local businesses buy a pumpkin and sponsor it in the Pumpkin Regatta.  On Sunday, they paint them, hollow them out like canoes then race 'em in the lake!

With some time to kill before the regatta, we snuck in some birding at Goodyear Swamp, on the opposite end of the lake.  Four positive IDs in one hour; Yvonne spotted some good ones.

Another view of the wetlands.  Lovely, right?


We made it back in time for the second of three races.  That pumpkin in front -- the Hampton Inn pumpkin -- crushed it.

Other highlights:  The sweet old inn where we stayed (the photos don't do it justice), the one traffic light in town, and seeing the tourist who broke the color barrier! 


Peter said...

I didn't realize that they manned the pumpkins! I thought it was going to be like one of those duck races were they would just put in the pumkin and let it float down the river and see which one wins.

Squeen said...

When it's a giant pumpkin and there's room for a rower, you gotta row!

Willy The Prince said...

That looks so beautiful - man the pumpkin regatta, what I would give to see that! LOVE that idea.

What a great trip thanks for sharing. You two look great.