Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mini Stock

We can't call our weekend in Minneapolis an official 'Stock because we were minus the Reids (we missed you guys!), but the three days spent in the City of Lakes with Courtney, Brett and Emily were a total blast. We didn't do much sight-seeing, instead filling every minute of the trip with good conversation, laughs, FUN (and lots of food). Some highlights:

Dan and I get our own "Camp Jackson" pjs, handcrafted by Emily. (The other "Stockers" got theirs in a LA Mini-Stock we missed out on). In matching pjs, we all watched a scary Doctor Who episode that instructed that we "don't blink!" We didn't.

We attempted bike riding for about two seconds. Faulty public bikes and a tornado warning/rain storm kept us safe and sound in a bar instead.

Courtney hosted Scholasticus Intoxicus trivia.

Our team, the Raging Bonerzzz!!!!, came in third place. (Yes, we're really classy!).
Picture from Scholasticus Intoxicus.

There was lots of record shopping. Well, one person shopped, four kept company.

Courtney found her way in a dunk cage!

She was an extremely good heckler. We spent all of our cash trying to get her wet. Only Dan was successful!

Reenacting the moment (and Emily's cool yellow watch that I am obsessed with.)

This weekend was marked by abundant cheese consumption including fried cheese curds, Doritos, and cheese brats.

Last morning in downtown Minneapolis.

We miss you guys already! I wish we could have a 'Stock every weekend.

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Anonymous said...

OMG love the trivia team name! -Brian