Sunday, May 15, 2011

Green Thumb

One of the presents that Santa brought Yvonne for Christmas was the Desert Hothouse cactus growing kit. My wife from suburban New Jersey has this bizarre love of cacti, and she has long wanted to grow something on the windowsill. So, in the middle of winter, she started trying to grow some succulents and Saguaros and 20 other kinds of desert greenery. I know, probably not the best time to start, but who can wait with something exciting as watching grass grow?!

After a verrrry slow start, we've got something poking out through the rocks and plastic lizards. With any luck, by summertime, we'll have to transplant our cactus into a bigger pot. But for now, we're happy just to see signs of spring.


Ara said...

I just bought a mini cactus collection pot dealy at Home Depot. Done!

Heather said...

awesome. I love this gift.

Annette said...

The snake and lizards are too cool!