Monday, January 11, 2010


January 4th officially kicked off Wedding Madness. Based on the premise of the original March Madness, Dan and I are trying our best to eat right and get in shape for our May nuptials. (And seriously, it goes beyond the wedding. I ate waaaaay to many cookies this holiday season and my body is craving a vegetable or two).

But before the madness began, we had to try out the new contraption my sister got us for Christmas.

Introducing the s'mores maker.

This genius device--a must for every household!--makes the most delicious s'mores right in your microwave. The trick is the water vaporizer that makes the marshmallow melt just right and the little arms that hold the crackers, chocolate and marshmallow neatly in place.

Comes out perfect every single time. Come over....we've got more.


Dr. Emmie-poo said...

Can you PLEASE take video of that thing at work? They just won't believe it in Switzerland.

libraloves said...

Haha that is AWESOME. I've been obsessed with microwaving s'mores since the holidays.