Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our movie weekend

I am unsure if this is totally true, but it seemed as though every single one of our friends left New York City this weekend, leaving Dan and me stranded in the city alone. Not that we minded, really. Or felt abandoned. We're not big on the 4th of July travel. Everywhere else is just so crowded and obnoxious except the city which just empties out. It's kind of fun to have this subdued New York City with zero people, zero traffic, zero chaos at your disposal.

Even though the weather was nice (for once this summer), we decided to spend the majority of the weekend inside in a movie theater. There are so many movies that we want to see right now, and since no one was around, we decided that this was the perfect time to watch a few.

This weekend, we saw:

The Hangover: We have been meaning to see this funny comedy about a Las Vegas bachelor party gone wrong for weeks. Of course, the movie made Dan feel sentimental about driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and gambling with his friends, as every movie about Las Vegas always does. We were afraid that with all the rave reviews, this movie wouldn't live up to expectations, but it did.

Whatever Works: I wasn't sure I would like this Woody Allen movie starring Larry David as the "Woody Allen" character, but I found it surprisingly good. Dan LOVED it. Dan, of course, loves everything Larry, especially this gloom-and-doom character he plays who calls the people in his life "inch worms." Evan Rachel Wood, who I never cared for before, was terrific.

Food, Inc.: I have read The Omnivore's Dilemma and Fast Food Nation, and this documentary is a great visual summary of both books. I kind of wish that this movie gets huge, it's message is so important and really unveils how ugly our food industry is. It's absolutely appalling. If you are unable to see this movie or read the books, at least check out the web site that highlights the movie's main issues. SCARY STUFF!

The Gang's All Here: The Film Society of Lincoln Center was hosting a Movie Musical Festival this weekend. I love musicals and I have been trying to get Dan to see a Busby Berkeley musical for a while, so this seemed like a good opportunity to do it. This is my second time seeing this movie, starring Carmen Miranda, with her tutti-frutti hat, and it did not disappoint in its absolute creativity and insanity. If you are unfamiliar, here is the most famous scene from the movie (It makes me very happy!!):


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Ampelhead said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend. And now I'm up on all the latest US movies ;-) Have you ever considered a Planet of the Apes marathon?