Sunday, November 2, 2008

Photo Assignment: Portraits

The assignment: Take pictures of someone you care about. Since Dan spent his entire weekend campaigning for Obama in Pennsylvania, I had about one hour with him to take these shots. They were taken in my hometown in Cedar Knolls, NJ early Sunday morning last weekend before he took off to PA. My teacher said that my pictures looked rushed and that none of them really popped--as if I am just missing the crucial moment. Same story, different week. Whatever, Dan still looks cute.


Willytheprince said...

He does look cute. I realy like the one by the hair salon where the red brick building is in the background and it shows his bowtie.

I like your eye.

Wayne said...

You have some good ones in this batch! I'd vote for hands over ears and the first purple hippo (though the focus is off), that one is a good composition. Nice fall colors on the swing :)

Brian said...

Personally, I like the white fence one, I think because I've been watching a lot of Mad Men and the colors in that pic make it very nostalgic-y. Dan + CK (firehouse, Malapardis!): perfect together.

Brett said...

Yes - some awesome snaps here. What was your process - did you snap away like crazy and get the 5 stages of every facial expression or did you set up a duck-blind (Dan blind?) and pull the trigger once at exactly the right time?

I ask because it really could have been either - not one of these contains an expression or pose that looks canned or affected. Is that good instincts and great timing or merely a well-trained bowtie monkey?