Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Is Anybody Out There?

Why, hello there!

Nearly a month goes by and nothing to say. That is not exactly true, I suppose, but obviously I haven't had much to blog about lately. Here's what you've been missing.

It's getting better. It being California. Last week-end, I rode Dan's bike to Venice to take a workout class, and then I rode back. It was sunny and the sky was blue and the wind was in my hair, and I thought to myself, "I like this. I like that this is my life."

I have been visiting the Farmer's Market on Main Street on Sunday mornings. I never did the Farmer's Market thing in NYC because it was never convenient, and I couldn't deal with the crowd. Now it is a 10 minute walk away. There is a little bit of sticker shock paying everything in cash, but the produce really is better. I have been stocking up on farm-fresh tomatoes, peaches and whatever else looks good. They have these strawberries that are super shiny and super sweet. When I eat them, "I think, I like this. I like that this is my life." (Although I do kind of feel like a big yuppie). Passing by the "valet bike parking" at the market always makes me smile. Only in California.

In the last month, I have made a conscious effort to take better care of myself. Think: Taking vitamins, eating more salads, limiting my sweets and exercising often. I have gained about 10 pounds since moving out there (thanks, tacos and ice cream) and since starting my regimen, I think I might have lost a few lbs. (Best feeling: being able to fit in an old pair of shorts that were too small a few weeks ago!) I also feel calmer and happier and more like myself. Maybe that is why it is getting better.

For the very first time in my life, I have my very own garden! It's nothing huge, but I love it. I am growing flowers in a soothing palette of whites, purples, greens and yellows mixed in with some herbs (cilantro, rosemary, thyme, basil and sage). I also have cherry tomatoes and strawberries. Cool right?

I have zero knowledge about gardening and was a bit intimidated by the process, so I recruited my friends Emily and Jonathan to help me pull it all together. We took a trip to Home Depot and Armstrong Garden Center in Marina Del Ray, and they literally forced me to make all kinds of decisions and make my gardening dreams come true in just a few hours. It was all such a whirlwind. Considering I have spent weeks making every other decision when it comes to decorating this apartment, it was kind of crazy to make my garden happen in one afternoon. I think I might add a few pots here and there, but it's just about done, which is a relief!

When it comes to other things in the apartment, We still don't have a couch (long story) but we have a kitchen table, a bookcase, a chair and a lamp. Dan has done a great job in organizing most of our storage spaces. We're getting there, but our apartment still feels very incomplete and it still feels like we just got here. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We see it flickering.

We have been more social. Sandy, Ara and June came to visit us.  I consider June to be my best friend in LA. Can you see why? Plus, she's standing now!

I saw Magic Mike with the girls (and a whole bunch of screaming girls in the movie theater). We had dinner with Matt and Katie. We tried (and possibly succeeded) to make new friends. I'd like to start some exploring LA very soon.

I'll be in Miami next week for a business trip.

That's about it. Can't think of anything else. See? That's why I haven't blogged. You've missed nothing; absolutely nothing.


Annette said...

Pretty Flowers! Cute baby! The Farmer's Market sounds amazing! And most important, you sound happy. Great to hear! Love you :)

Yvonne said...

:) love you!