Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dinner Conversation

"Occupy LA is so lame compared to Occupy NY," Dan said.

"I tried to read the LA Times online, and it was terrible," I replied. "That can't be my newspaper. I refuse to give up The New York Times."

"Are we going to be those annoying people who move to LA and say everything is better in New York?"

"Oh, totally. We're guaranteed to be completely unbearable to everyone around us for at least a year."


109 said...

Squeen has been unbearable to most of us for much longer than that.

Jacey said...

You know what's not lame compared to NY? The gorgeous sunny weather we'll be having while it's -10 windchill in NY.

Oh, and we Angelenos don't like one-uppers unless it has to do with # of Botox treatments, size of boob job, or year of Ferrari.

Squeen said...

And we're totally going to keep subscribing to New York magazine (and the New Yorker, natch), but that's only because we have 3 years left on the subscription.

And I'd like to take the subway to work, but only because I think it could make things a lot easier.

What I'm trying to say is we're not looking to assert some sort of NYC superiority even though we might hang on to a few old habits and celebrate some of NYC's truly great products like the Gray Lady.

But we most certainly will not be taking the weather, grocery stores, fresh fruit, Mexican food or the absence of mountains of bagged garbage on the sidewalk for granted. Promise.