Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Last Call

Last call for nominations for best photo(s) Yvonne took during her photo-a-day project. I'm curious to know what everyone likes!

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Peter said...

I feel rushed! It's not fair, there are too many good pics to choose from. Here is a list.

Day 19 Flu
Day 28 Become your dream
day 41 Wedding Favors
Day 46 Husband Costa Rica
day 54 Bike from apt.
day 58 world cup fever
day 69 yoga
day 80 hudson
day 86 dog(really, I'm picking for Annette)
day 103 Balbella
day 106 Drake
day 120 Hoops(did the shot go in?)
day 142 First Ave (I love fire Hydrants)
day 144 Park
day 151 Fashion
day 165 October fest
day 252 Dillon
day 336 Skate boarder

Sorry I could not narrow it down more.
Congrats. You did a wonderful job. I look forward to the next project. Let me know and maybe I'll do one with you.