Monday, December 27, 2010

Dan's First Polish Christmas

Throughout our relationship, Dan and I have always parted ways on Christmas, me to New Jersey and he to California. As marrieds, Dan and I decided that holidays should be spent together--making this the first year in our relationship that we have celebrated Christmas in the same state....this year, we picked New Jersey.

This made the holidays extra special, especially since we got to exchange stockings on Christmas Eve morning. In the past, we usually waited until New Year's when Dan returned from California, but this year we didn't have to wait. In fact, Dan even woke me up early that morning because he was so excited.

We made out pretty well. Santa got Dan personalized stationery, a monster-sized Slim Jim, peppermint bark, a record of his choice and an awesome Beatles poster.

Santa got me a tripod, Green Day rock band, blow pops in my favorite flavors, Japanese candy and doll, two headbands, a desert growing kit, and a Bon Appetit Cookie cookbook.

After stockings, we headed to New Jersey to celebrate with my family Polish style. I think Dan was nervous to break holy bread with my family and eat red borscht and five different kinds of fish, but somehow he managed okay. He had seconds and thirds.

Scenes from the evening:

Martin and Iza fry some flounder. (Nice apron, Martin!)

Annette fries the shrimp.

Dillon entertains us all. (I think my favorite part of the night was when Dillon went around the table gave every single person a great big hug and a "Merry Christmas." He's just the sweetest, sweetest kid.)

Audrey gave some hugs, too.

There was also some of this again.

Present opening!

Dan and me by the tree.

Maxim checking out the dessert spread.

On Christmas Day, Dan and I went to mass in the morning, and then spent the rest of the day eating cookies, reading and napping by the tree.

The day looked something like this.

In the evening, we dropped by Brian's house for dessert (because we needed more sweets).

The night looked something like this.

Here's to another merry Christmas!

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Heather said...

I will take the tripod and the stationary. Very fun Christmas!