Sunday, October 11, 2009

Become your dream

A long time ago, my friend Danielle told me that she would walk through her neighborhood and she would stumble across different signs that said, "Become Your Dream." Her neighborhood eventually became my neighborhood, and after a while, I too would see "Become Your Dream" scribbled on items destined to be thrown away like cardboard boxes, broken mirrors, and other garbage on the curb.

It was a mystery for a while, but Danielle eventually figured out who was doing these signs. I agree with her that meeting one on the street is an incredibly uplifting experience. It's such as nice surprise to spot something that would otherwise be seen as ugly turned into a motivating and positive message.

Here's one I spotted today on East 77th Street written on an old mattress next to the garbage bin.

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Danielle said...

De La Vega, baby!!!